Lucasfilm Officially Releases Darth Maul Photos and Clip From SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY


Seeing Darth Maul on the big screen again in Solo: A Star Wars Story and in my opinion, it was the best part of the movie for me. Turns out Ray Park was dropping hints of his return to Darth Maul as he posted stuff on social media but no one picked up on it.

"I may have deleted a bunch, but if you go back and check all my Instagram posts, I was secretly telling everyone, but no-one knew."

Now Lucasfilm has released some official photo of Ray Park as Darth Maul in his full costume. These are full body shots that come to us from Forbes.

I like how they handled his legs, they aren’t outrageous looking, nor do they just look like steel boots. They look very much like a pair of droid legs and I kind of like that. Hopefully, someday we’ll get to see Maul in a larger capacity again in the films again.

In the meantime, Lucasfilm also officially released the full clip from Solo of the scene where Maul makes his big appearance. What did you think of Darth Maul's appearance in the film? do you hope to see him return in a future Star Wars film?

I know we already saw a showdown between Maul and Obi-Wan in Star Wars Rebels, but that would have been cool to see in a live-action Star Wars movie. 

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