Mackenzie Davis To Star in The New TERMINATOR Movie

Mackenzie Davis (The Martian, Blade Runner 2049, Halt and Catch Fire ) is in negotiations to join Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in the new Terminator film being developed by director Tim Miller and producer James Cameron.

The upcoming film will be a direct sequel to Terminator 2 and it is being planned as a trilogy. The movie will ignore all of the other films that have been made since. Cameron previously said that they are currently looking for a young 18-something-year-old woman to be the centerpiece of the new story. It looks like Mackenzie Davis will be that character. According to Variety:

Davis would be the face of the rebooted franchise, in the vein of Hamilton’s character Sarah Connor in the first two movies that Cameron directed. Sources say Davis has been the studio and Miller’s top choice for a while, but the casting needed sign off from Cameron, who is currently filming the “Avatar” sequels.

Davis is a talented actress and I'm sure that she'll be great in the film. It will be interesting to see who she ends up playing in the story. Hell, I can't wait to learn any details about the story that Cameron and Miller are looking to tell!

The movie is expected to be released on July 26, 2019.

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