MAD ABOUT YOU Reboot is Official and Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser Are In!

Mad About You was one of my very favorite shows when it was on, and especially in the years after, while it was still highly syndicated. I was a pretty young kid when I watched it, but I loved the dynamic between Paul (Paul Reiser) and Jamie (Helen Hunt), and was so in love with the fun couple who lived in New York with their dog, Murray, and watched movies and had a fun and humorous relationship. I have always loved Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt separately throughout their careers, and I felt like this show was just magic. With all that being said, I also have to say I HATED the series finale. It made me so mad and sad that I just ignored the ending in my brain.

Which is why I am so excited that Mad About You is being rebooted! Another series that I loved, but was disappointed in the finale was Will and Grace, and when that was revived, they completely ignored their original series finale and went right back in as if it had never happened. And it really worked! So I am hoping this is the same treatment Mad About You gets. I want to see Jamie and Paul working through their lives together in modern day New York with their marriage in tact, and their wit as sharp as 1994.

Slashfilm reports that the show will premiere on the premium content platform Spectrum Originals. I have no idea what that is, but if it reveals itself, and tells me it has episodes of Mad About You, I’ll ask it to take my money. The revival is being billed as a limited-series, so that’s kind of a bummer, but Big Little Lies was also billed as a limited series, and we talked them into sticking around. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did well, and got another season or two. Both Reiser and Hunt will reprise their roles, with Hunt directing the first episode. Danny Jacobson, who co-created the original series with Reiser, will serve as executive producer. Peter Tolan (Rescue Me, The Jim Gaffigan Show) will serve as showrunner.

Here’s what Reiser and Hunt had to say about the series:

“We are so excited to finally be doing this and thrilled to have Peter Tolan as our fearless captain,” said Reiser and Hunt in a joint statement. “We promise you the same funny and heartwarming show – as soon as we can remember what’s funny about being older. It’s going to be great!”

Did you guys ever watch Mad About You? Are you excited for the reboot? Do you subscribe to Spectrum Originals? What beloved show did you hate the ending to that you’d like to see get a do-over??

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