Mad Inventor Colin Furze Built a Functioning 11-Foot Tall Suit of Hulkbuster Armor


Wanna see something awesome!? British Inventor Colin Furze has built a full-functioning suit of Hulkbuster armor! The DIY armor was built using parts that he bought on eBay and as you'll see it turned out extremely cool! 

This Hulkbuster armor stands at almost 11-feet tall and it's powered by hydraulic pumps. It comes complete with a flamethrower and a power fist that punches. The armor is also strong enough to lift its inventor up off the ground and smash things!

You might be surprised to learn that it only took him two months to build this thing! As you'll see in the video Furze has a blast playing around with this thing! This guy always entertains me with the things he builds and the videos where he shows them off. He's just filled with so much wild energy!

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