MAD MAX Video Game Gameplay Trailer Shows You How to Kill Cars

The Mad Max video game is so insane and so much damn fun! I had a chance to play it at E3 2015, and I had a freakin’ blast! It’s seriously just as entertaining as the Mad Max: Fury Road flick that came out earlier this summer, only now you get to partake in the action.

We have a new gameplay trailer for you to watch today that shows you how to destroy cars in the post-apocalyptic deadly wasteland. It also shows you how other cars will try to obliterate you. 

Your primary method of killing other cars in Mad Max is the good old-fashioned ram. Max’s new car, the Magnum Opus has a boost you can use to launch yourself into enemy vehicles, and you can also sideswipe left and right to smash up cars on either side. 
So far, so much like rush hour on London's North Circular, but Mad Max's weapons are where it gets interesting. Unlike your Ford Focus, the Magnum Opus comes equipped with a harpoon gun you can fire at specific spots on your enemies’ vehicles. 
Want to pull a wheel off and stop them in their tracks? Go for it. Or why not aim directly at the driver and yank them through the windshield? This is particularly useful if you want to keep the car intact and use it to infiltrate enemy bases. Or if you like dragging warboys around the wasteland like a psychopath.

Mad Max hits stores on September 1st, 2015.

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