Mads Mikkelsen Says The ROGUE ONE Reshoots Are Just Adding a "Final Polishing"

For the past week or so, reports about reshoots on Gareth Edwards' Star Wars prequel Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have been analyzed to death. Some people are almost gleefully talking about how this means the movie is in trouble and it's a disaster in the making, but considering all of the reshoots that went into The Force Awakens and how many terrific moments that added to the film (practically all of Daisy Ridley and John Boyega's early interactions, which set the tone for their friendship; Oscar Isaac's best lines as Poe Dameron when he was being sarcastic with Kylo Ren, and many of those he ad-libbed), I don't think we should worry until we see the final movie.

Someone who's actually in the film seems to share that opinion. Mads Mikkelsen, who's playing a mysterious character (we know a little about him), gave an interview to The Independent and they asked about the reshoots:

Basically, all the big films I have done always have reshoots, it is part of their budget. They’re either not super happy with a scene bit, the way we were acting, or maybe there’s something they want to add. It’s not a new thing, it happens with every film. Whether it’s bigger or less, I have no idea, I have nothing to compare with. It’s the same film, it’s just adding little bits here and there to do the final polishing. That’s my feeling.

I loved the first Rogue One trailer, so I'm just going to choose not to consider these reshoots a big deal unless it's very obvious that they happened in the final film and the movie is bad (cough cough..Fantastic Four...cough).

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