Mads Mikkelsen Was Up for a Part in FANTASTIC FOUR, But Walked Out of His Audition

Doctor Strange and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story star Mads Mikkelsen was actually up for a role in Josh Trank's horrifically bad Fantastic Four film. This is an actor who would be perfect to play Doctor Doom in a great version of Fantastic Four, and I can only imagine that that's the role he was auditioning for in the movie. 

He went in to audition for the role and it was there that he realized that the movie was going to be shit. What they gave him to read was so bad that he just walked out of the audition. The actor described his experience in an interview with ShortList, saying:

"I think I walked out on the Fantastic Four [audition]. I think I actually said, 'I can’t do it. It’s not about you, I’m sorry, this is wrong.' I’ve had tons of them. We’ve all been there. We all show up and it’s a little office room with a desk and some books and they want you to do a scene where you have two lines – maybe not even two lines – maybe just 'Bleurgh!' or Get back!' And you’re hiding behind a palm tree that’s not there. It’s like, 'Guys, couldn’t you have picked a different kind of scene to this? This is [frick]ing mad.' You feel like an idiot."

It's a shame that Fantastic Four ended up being as bad as it was. That could have and should have been a great film had the studio got the right talent involved with developing it. Oh well, what's done is done, and Mikkelsen definitely dodged a bullet with that one. 

I'm surprised the other actors involved didn't see how shitty the movie was going to be. All I can think of is that they just felt it would be fun for them.

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