Mafia World Games is Launching a New Take on MAFIA Via Kickstarter Next Week

Mafia is a pretty popular social deduction game. The premise is simple: one player is the moderator, a couple of players are mafia members who kill citizens, and then the other players are a mix of normal citizens and specialized characters like the sheriff. A new version of the classic social deduction game is being put on Kickstarter next week, August 21 from Mafia World Game (yes I know the video says May 2019). The base sets will be available for $29 with more options available at higher tiers.

In addition to getting cards and physical media, it looks like the folds at Mafia World Game are also looking at creating an app to help enhance the gameplay experience called Gang’Stars App. Not too much has been given about what the app will do, but it sounds like it will narrate the different phases so that the moderator can focus on other things. Hopefully, we’ll learn more with the launch of the Kickstarter next week.

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