Magneto Cosplay by Jessica Nigri Makes Evil Not Look So Bad

Most of you are familiar with Jessica Nigri's work, but if not, there is no better place to start than her sleek and quite sexy take on the X-Men's number one nemesis (when he isn't, you know, on the team itself), Magneto. The photo above is my favorite, closely followed by the floating shot featured below, and both of those (and the one in between) were done by the fantastic Larry Alan Photography

They've actually been working together for about 3 years, so to commemorate that they have released a 150 page photography book, which collects some of their current and past work, and it's titled simply Nigri. If you're interested in grabbing it, you can find it on their store envy page here. Even if you don't grab the book, make sure to check out some of their other work, as it is all quite stellar indeed.

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