Magnificent Technomancer Light-Up Wizard Hoodie

Think Geek has one of the greatest hoodies that any geek could ever own! It's the Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie! The hooded jacket lights up and makes spell type sounds that are triggered by the movements of the the person wearing it. The hoodie was originally an April Fools joke from Think Geek, but they ended up turning it into a reality, and it's incredibly cool! 

The light and sound combinations include nine different spells including thunderbolt, fireball, restore health, and even raise the dead. The description comes from the following warning,

The Technomancer isn't for everyone. You'll need to spend some time mastering the various spell effects. Each spell requires different motions. The way you wear the garment and how precise your movements are will greatly affect your results. Don't expect to become a master wizard the second you open the box. Time and patience will be your guide to unlocking the power of the Technomancer. Impatient sorcerer's apprentices should not apply.

I'd actually buy one of these! It's only $119, but unfortunately, it's out of stock at the moment. Check out the video presentation! 

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