Maisie Williams Shoots Down Rumors of Reshoots for THE NEW MUTANTS

I was sad when The New Mutants was pushed back by about ten months. That’s almost a year! We already had a trailer for the film. Why would they push the movie that far back? Is this Disney’s doing? These are all valid questions that many fans had and it looks like the mouse may have had a little to do with it, but the film does not appear to be in any trouble. There have been reports that the post-production team wanted more time to work on the special effects. It is also suggested the move was to keep The New Mutants from being overshadowed by the other big comic book movies coming out in quick succession this year being put out by Disney and Fox including Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and Deadpool 2. I can appreciate them wanting to provide this movie with some space. The change in release date though sparked a big wave of rumors saying the movie was doing a lot of reshoots. In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Maisie Williams was asked about this and she says there were no reshoots:

I think everything you’ve just rattled off is just rumors. But we’re releasing early next year and I’m properly excited. I’ve seen little parts of it and I’ve done a load of ADR for it and it’s really exciting watching it all back. It feels a long while since we’ve done it, and I always enjoy going seeing little bits of it before it’s released, so I’m looking forward to it coming out.

I’m still excited for this film to come out next year, but I hope they realize that our expectations will be a lot higher since they’ve had an additional year to polish it.

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