Last year, Wizards of the Coast brought Magic: The Gathering into Dungeons & Dragons with the Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica book. Now, Christopher Willett wants to expand on that idea. In Magic, the two players are referred to as Planeswalkers casting spells to do combat. Willett brings the idea of the Planeswalker (and the different colors) to D&D campaigns. You may think this is a simple fan made class, but it’s not. It’s actually a custom background which means that pretty much any character can use it.

With the background, you have the potential to choose 1+ of the five colors to draw your magic from. Willett went the extra mile and connected each color to an alignment, races, classes, and even some spells. He even made a chart to help explain how each color views the other colors. Willett also explains in the supplement that the Planeswalker background doesn’t have to happen at character creation either which is pretty cool.

In addition to the background, there are 8 pre-existing Planeswalkers complete with statblocks such as Jace Beleren, 5 new spells with inspiration from Magic, 2 new magic items, and 3 new monsters.

If you’re creating a Ravnica campaign, Planeswalkers of Ravnica is a supplement you may want to consider for only $5.99 at DMs Guild.

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