Man Attempts To Rob Florida Store Dressed as Darth Vader

Apparently seduced by the dark side of the Force, a Florida man donned a Darth Vader costume and attempted to rob a convenience store yesterday.

FirstCoastNews reports that Jacob Jeremy Mercer, 32, entered an 8 till Late store dressed in the costume and, armed with a gun, demanded money from a store employee. Maybe he was trying to get some cash to buy his tickets for The Force Awakens? It's unclear whether Mercer tried to use a Jedi mind trick on the clerk when asking for the cash from the register, but if he did, it certainly didn't work. Check out what happened when the employee refused to give "Vader" the money.

A store employee says he threw a wine bottle at the suspect, who wearing a Darth Vader costume. The suspect then ran out of the store.
The suspect was taken into custody shortly after, police said. No one else was injured.

Throwing a wine bottle at a guy's face? That's a hell of a move when he has a gun pointed at you! That employee sounds like a badass. Also, a side note: I don't know whether or not this is something I should be proud of, but this happened in Jacksonville Beach, just a few minutes from my hometown. Oh, Florida. Never change.

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