Man Builds a Massive Two-Story AT-AT in Front of His House For Halloween

If there is any house handing out king-sized candy bars on this Ohio street it is most likely the home of Nick Myer. Myer built this massive imperial walker in his front yard for Halloween. 

The giant AT-AT Walker has gained some pretty intense foot traffic in Parma, Ohio. Star Wars fans have flocked to the front yard to get their photo taken with the two-story transport, some even getting into character, dressing as Stormtroopers. This is something you might think would cause a bit of drama in the neighbor or with the Home Owners Association, but miraculously, Nick Myer's wife and neighbors fully approve of the AT-AT walker and don't seem to mind all of the attention that the Halloween display is gaining.

There are several more shots of the AT-AT below, with all the work Myer put into building the thing, the REAL question is will he really take it down after Halloween? Afterall, fewer things look better in snow than an AT-AT.

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