Man Fends Off Attacker Using NARUTO Headband

For some, Cosplay is life. For a very select few, Cosplay SAVED their life. That's at least what 21-year-old Anthony Durden is saying after he was attacked on the New York Subway. A man approached Durden and slashed him in the face. Durden, who was returning from NYCC when the incident occurred, punched his attacker in the face with a Naruto headband to fend him off. 

The hit worked as the attacker fled at the next stop and Durden was rushed to the hospital where he received 20 stitches to treat his wounds. The NYPD hasn't tracked down the attacker yet, but Durden says he does forgive his attacker for the incident...which only makes me think he handled the situation quietly with some Ninjitsu. 

The whole ordeal sounds humorous, but the aftermath does not. Check out the full pics on Pix11 to see just how dangerous a situation this almost was. 

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