Man Mistakes Clark Griswold Christmas Decoration Hanging From Roof For Real Man

One of my favorite Christmas movies of all time is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989). I watch it multiple times each season and speak the lines right along with the characters. It makes me laugh every time without fail, and never gets old.

So, if I saw a house decked out in white lights, with a man hanging from the roof, and a ladder askew underneath him decorated in lights, it might make me pause, but I think I would get the reference to Clark Griswold’s classic Christmas light hanging scenes. And I’d be pretty impressed.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so well versed in the Vacation movies, and this decoration got one kind-hearted Austin, Texas man into a bit of a situation.

As he passed by this house, he thought the Clark dummy was a real man in a bad situation. So he pulled up to the house, yelled to the man, tried to move the ladder closer, and ended up calling 911. Here’s a news video about the incident:

Poor guy! I hope he ended up getting a good laugh out of it. At least the news anchors did, and us too! Would you be savvy enough to know that this was decoration, or would you call 911 too??

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