MAN OF STEEL 2 Is On Permanent Hold, But George Miller Is Still Looking to Direct a DC Film

A few days ago word broke that George Miller might be directing Man of Steel 2. It looks like that may not actually be the case. According to a recent report from Den of Geek, the sequel is on "permanent hold." Does that mean the sequel will be on hold forever? I don't know why the source just doesn't say the movie will never happen, because that's what "permanent hold" means to me. 

Well, even if Man of Steel 2 doesn't happen, Miller is still looking to direct another DC film project. Various source have said that Miller is talking with Warner Bros. about one of their comic book projects. According to the report, the film he settles on will ultimately "depend on what story most interests him, his take on it and everyone's availability."

So, one day, it looks like we'll see a DC movie directed by Miller, but we just don't know which one at this point. I'm sure WB will eventually move forward with a Man of Steel sequel. Superman is one of the leading players in the DC universe. The sequel is probably just on hold until the studio can figure out when they want to throw it in the DC movie line-up schedule.

From what I understand WB is already planning on making at least three solo Batman films with Ben Affleck. They've gotta show Superman some love too! I was actually really excited to see what Miller would do with Superman. Regardless of what is being said about the movie being on permanent hold, I hope Miller directing is still an option.  

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