Many of the Toys for POWER RANGERS BEAST MORPHERS Are Fantastic for Kids and Fun for Some Adults

I have made my 8-year-old self very jealous. Hasbro was very kind and sent me the box seen above for free. What was in the box? Well, check out this unboxing video to find out. Hint: it’s a bunch of cool Power Rangers Beast Morphers toys!

8-year old me is very excited and happy about this. You can’t see it, but I even wore my one Power Rangers shirt for the occasion. Well, I then opened up the boxed toys I got and thought I would share my thoughts.

6 Inch Figures

I was actually surprised at the quality of these. I haven’t had a Power Rangers toy since Power Rangers In Space, but these feel a lot better than previous toys. I don’t know if this is necessarily better with Hasbro taking over, but with what limited knowledge I have, I will give the point to Hasbro as these feel great. Now, it should be noted that these are not the high-end figures designed for collectors. These figures are designed for kids who love Power Rangers to play with. The one issue I had was that it was hard to get any of the weapons into the hands of the Rangers. There are also some minor paint problems, but overall, I’d be happy to get these for my kid.

Red Ranger

Blue Ranger

Yellow Ranger


Beast Racer Zord

This is honestly, my least favorite of the toys. Sure, the construction is fine, but the design leaves something to be desired. The legs only move forward, and they don’t bend at any point. The arms can make a 360 spin, but once again, no elbow joint and you cannot move the arms out. The hands and head do spin as well, but the limited movement of the limbs really left me disappointed. Plus, the weapons were cool to include, but they look half-finished (see pics to better understand).

I like this, except for one thing. It reacts to movement. That means that if you have it turned on and you move your arm, you’re getting sound effects playing. It got old pretty quick for me, but kids will probably love it. You can trigger a moment though where it tells you to say, “It’s Morphin Time!” and then it plays the theme song. I also am still new to the season and feel behind, but it comes with a generic key with red, green, and yellow keys. I’m just curious why it’s green and not blue. Of course, you can get Ranger specific keys with their figures which I thought was really cool.

Cheetah Beast Blaster

This is a NERF gun. It looks like a Power Rangers toy and is NERF. NERF make good quality products. This is no exception. I do have one problem though. The handle is a little small for an adult. I found that to have a comfortable grip meant that I was pulling the trigger with my middle finger. Other than though, it’s great! It has some power behind it and when you pull the tail back, the mouth opens and the middle section rotates for a cool design.

Micro Morphers

These are pretty cool in my opinion. They remind me of those toy ninjas you get in those toy vending machines at grocery stores for $0.50. As an adult, I think they make for a great desk ornament. However, for a kid, I think they’ll find ways to have tons of fun, especially when they get the Zords. Are they complex? No. But they don’t have to be.

Micro Morphers

Micro Morphers Zords

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