Margot Robbie's Tonya Harding Biopic Finds a Director

A couple months ago, it was announced that The Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie was set to play figure skater Tonya Harding in a new biopic called I, Tonya. Now Variety reports that project has found a director in Craig Gillespie, the man behind movies like Lars and the Real Girl, the Fright Night remake, Million Dollar Arm, and The Finest Hours.

Of course, Harding wasn't just a normal figure skater. The Olympian was implicated in a 1994 incident in which her ex-husband and a couple of goons set out to break the leg of rival skater Nancy Kerrigan. The thugs only ended up bruising Kerrigan's leg, but she soon recovered and went on to win the Silver medal while Harding finished eighth and was eventually banned from figure skating for life.

Steven Rogers wrote the screenplay, based on interviews he conducted with Harding and her ex-husband. I'm not crazy about Gillespie's movies, but it sounds like this one is aiming to humanize Harding by telling her side of the story (which involves some pretty horrific allegations about her ex), and it should be a juicy role for Robbie to dig her teeth into in between playing Harley Quinn a bunch of times over the next few years.

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