Mark Hamill and Chris Evans Comment on if a Lightsaber Could Cut Captain America's Shield

A dad recently posted online that his son asked him if a lightsaber could cut through Captain America’s shield. The dad had no idea, hence the online post.

Well, Mark Hamill and Chris Evans have both stepped up to comment on the question of the ages. While the shield is made of the fictional (and near indestructible) vibranium, both celebrities agree that a lightsaber would cut through it (although Hamill does point out it depends on which universe they're in).

However, Evans points out that he then has multiple projectiles to throw at a Force user. Of course, logic dictates that the Force user could use the Force to win, but that’s another discussion for another time.

This debate got me thinking. What would the real result be? Lucky for all of us, Kyle Hill has made an episode of Because Science that tackles this very question. The video was made leading up to Captain America: Civil War, so it’s a couple years old, but it’s still good. The conclusion he comes to is that a lightsaber could cut through the shield, given enough time. Here’s the full explanation.

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