Mark Hamill Pitched a Crazy Idea to George Lucas Regarding Boba Fett Being Luke Skywalker's Mom


Mark Hamill had a lot of crazy ideas that he pitched to George Lucas while making the original Star Wars trilogy. He recently shared one of those ideas on Twitter, and it involved Boba Fett being Luke Skywalker’s mom.

Hamill felt that this could have been a big reveal that would top Darth Vader being Luke’s father. I don’t know what Hamill was smoking that day. It’s a completely weird and off-the-wall and interesting concept, but Lucas wasn’t a big fan of the idea. So instead, Lucas decided to have Fett get swallowed by a sarlacc.

You can read Hamill’s pitch for Boba Fett being Luke’s mom below:

In the end, this probably would have been a better idea than killing off Boba Fett and doing nothing more with the character!

What do you think the pitch that Hamill made to Lucas regarding Boba Fett?

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