Mark Hamill Responds to Fan in Tweet with Sweet Story about Meeting Warwick Davis on Set of RETURN OF THE JEDI

warwick davis.jpg

Last week, Mark Hamill tweeted out a nice shoutout to his longtime friend Billy Dee Williams aka Lando Calrissian, wherein he welcomed him back to the Star Wars movies with some kind words, and the hashtag #WelcomeBackLando. So exciting! Twitter user FriskyWoods responded to Hamill and asked him the following:

Hey Hamill, I heard that you helped Warwick Davis complete his Star Wars action figure collection after you met him on the set of Return of the Jedi. True/false?

Hamill responded with the following tweet:

That is so awesome! It must have been such an incredible experience for Warwick Davis to be on the set of his favorite film franchise, let alone join the cast! Mark Hamill just proves over and over that he is an incredible human being and that he goes above and beyond to make the people in his life happy. What a cool story!

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