Mark Hamill Reveals Luke Skywalker and Admiral Holdo Were In a LAST JEDI Deleted Scene


Mark Hamill has been very vocal on social media about his part in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and because of that, we continue to learn more about what happened behind the scenes of Episode VIII. His latest revelation came last night after Hamill sent a congratulatory tweet to his The Last Jedi co-star Laura Dern who won a Golden Globe for her role in HBO's Big Little Lies.

In the tweet, Hamill mentioned that he and Dern's Admiral Holdo shared a deleted scene in The Last Jedi and he hopes that it'll be included on the film's DVD release.

But how is that even possible? If you think your way through the entire film, there is no point where Holdo and Luke could have been together. By the time Luke "meets" with the rebels on Crait, Holdo has already blasted her way through Snoke's ship. Unless there is some sort of flashback I just don't see how its possible.  But then again, Hamill who has trolled fans online before could just be playing with us all.

Fans will have to wait for The Last Jedi DVD release to know for sure. 

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