Mark Hamill Shares His Favorite Joker Dialogue From BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES

A fan recently reached out to Mark Hamill on Twitter and asked him if there was any Joker dialogue from Batman: The Animated Series long enough to recite for a monologue to deliver for a class project.

Hamill responded and revealed that one of his all-time favorite speeches from his time voicing the classic Batman villain was from the episode “The Man Who Killed Batman.” More specifically, the eulogy that Joker gave:

The episode revolves around a small time crook named Sidney Debris who tells his story of how he accidentally seemed to kill Batman, and how now everyone wants to kill him next.

This is the eulogy that the Joker delivers in that episode:

“Dear friends... today is the day the Clown cried. And he cries not for the passing of one man, but for the death of a dream. The dream that he would someday taste the ultimate victory over his hated enemy. For it was the Batman who made me the happy soul I am today. How I agonized over the perfect way to thank him for that. Perhaps with a cyanide pie in the face. Or an exploding whoopie-cushion playfully planted in the Batmobile.

But those dreams were dashed by the weaselly little gunsel sitting there in our midst. The cowardly insignificant gonif who probably got lucky when Batman slipped on the slime trail this loser left behind him. This mound of diseased hyena filth who's not fit to lick the dirt from my spats...!

But I digress. The time for sorrow has passed. It's time to look to a future filled with smiles. And I'll be smiling again just as soon as we take that man THERE......and slap him in that box THERE......and roll him into that vat of acid THERE!”

As for the Chinese food line that Hamill mentions in his tweet, that doesn’t happen until after Sydney is submerged in acid. If you want, you can watch the eulogy scene below:

What would you say your favorite Joker dialogue is from Batman: The Animated Series?

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