Mark Hamill Shares Some Memories From the Set of the Original STAR WARS Movie

Every once in a while, Mark Hamill will share a little memory and story from his time working on the set of the original Star Wars movies. I enjoy these #TrueStory posts that he shares, and we’ve got a new one for you today!

In this recent post, he shared an adorable video of him hanging out with Carrie Fisher on the set of the film and offered the following story to go with it:

“I was single, living in a 1-room flat in London during the original movie. I'm in street-clothes since I wasn't working, but would come to the studio anyway, to watch them film, hang-out w/ friends & on this day in particular-have lunch w/ 1 of my idols: Peter Cushing! #TrueStory”

What an awesomely magical time it must’ve been to be working on this film, and in all of the behind-the-scenes photos and footage that we’ve seen from the set of the film, you can see the friendship, love, and admiration that the cast and crew had for each other.

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