Mark Hamill Shares Some Very Early Poster Concepts For STAR WARS That Tried To Explain The Film

Thanks to Mark Hamill we have four very early poster concepts for George Lucas' original Star Wars film. I've never seen these posters before and what's interesting about them is that they try to explain the movie to people. Hamill offered some commentary on them saying that he could never explain Star Wars to friends before it was released, and these are some things that the marketing team was trying to do with the posters:

A) Did kids know who Flash & Buck were in '77?
B) Wordy explanation
C/D) A Vision Of A Movie That Must Be Seen To Understand

You can check out three additional posters below that show you what Hamill is talking about. It's pretty fascinating to see what the marketing team was planning to do in trying to market the film. In the end, what they ended up doing was perfect. 

What do you all think of these early poster concepts for Star Wars?

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