Mark Hamill Stands Up for Passionate STAR WARS Fan Ridiculed for His THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Reaction Video


I understand that Star Wars fans may not see eye to eye on how the new Star Wars trilogy has played out. That’s expected and it’s ok not to agree with each other! We all have different tastes and opinions on things, and it’s healthy to discuss and debate these things in a respectful manner. In a way that we may not agree with each other but walk away from a conversation shaking hands and respecting each other.

What I don’t understand and what isn’t cool is the petty bullying that goes on within the community. Why in the hell are we bullying fellow Star Wars fans? That makes no sense to me as we should be supporting each other and lifting each other up. Not sure why some fans are upset that other fans are excited for the upcoming movie!

YouTuber Eric Butts posted a reaction video for the first Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer, and he is clearly a super fan who is insanely passionate about the franchise. He had a heartfelt emotional reaction to the trailer just like a lot of other fans, like myself, and he was met with a lot of hate as he started being bullied by people.

Well, Mark Hamill saw what was happening and stood up for Eric and offered some kind words of encouragement:

Eric was obviously shocked by Hamill’s response and responded with:

Hamill kept the conversation going with more encouragement:

That was followed by Eric’s response, saying:

Mark Hamill is the man.

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