Mark Hamill Tweets from the Set of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

I couldn't be more excited that Star Wars actor Mark Hamill is officially reprising his role as Luke Skywalker in J.J. Abrams' Episode VII. There's no doubt that he's extremely excited himself. I know George Lucas talked about these plans with him years ago, but the fact that it's actually happening is extraordinary.

The actor recently sent out a couple of Tweets from the set to of the film. One confirming what we all know now, and the other commenting on his "diverse" and "extraordinarily talented" new cast members. Here they are:

I know Abrams is going to be keeping a lot of things secret about this production, but I hope we keep getting little updates like this from the actors while the film is in production. There's still some more casting that need to be announced for this movie, which is expected to come on May 4th, so stay tuned for those details! 

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