Mark Millar's KINDERGARTEN HEROES Headed to the Big Screen

Movie Mark Millar by Joey Paur

war kid revamp by Bad-Blood

Kick-Ass comic creator Mark Millar is mostly known for his very adult-themed, dark, graphic, and vulgar, but that's not stopping him from jumping into the family friendly film business. 

He pitched an idea for a film called Kindergarten Heroes, which is based on one of his comics. 20th Century Fox has picked it up and hired Carter Blanchard to write the script. 

Here's a description of the comic from Millar himself: 

"'Kindergarten Heroes' is packaged and written and drawn like a traditional children's book, but featuring characters and concepts we'd traditionally find in a superhero comic. Interestingly, it's a genre that's never really been tackled in kids books, but I've got a good track record in creating new superheroes that catch on, and I want to see if I can flex my muscles and try to push these ideas to a whole new readership. Wouldn't it be great if kids discovered superhero comics after reading these books and went out and bought 'Superman' and 'Spider-Man' when they were a little older? There was a great tradition of very young kids comics in the UK to get readers started, and they graduated onto titles like '2000AD.' I'd love to get something like that going here and, to be honest, it's just FUN doing something a little different. I don't value my work on 'Superman Adventures' any less than I value 'The Ultimates' or 'Old Man Logan' or 'Kick-Ass' or 'Superior' or 'Civil War.' Yeah, hardly anybody was reading what I was doing back in those days, but as a writer, I just like trying different kinds of stories and this has been genuinely lovely to do."
Sounds like it could be a fun flick!
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