Mark Ruffalo Offers Details on The Important Role Bruce Banner/Hulk Will Play AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

A lot of fans have been wondering about Bruce Banner/Hulk's transition from Thor: Ragnarok to Avengers: Infinity War. The last time we saw the character he was being faced down by Thanos' giant ship, Sanctuary.

As we've already seen in the trailers for Infinity War, Loki is going to hand over the Tesseract to Thanos in an attempt to save himself and get on Thanos' good side. Thor ends up floating through space and ends up running into the Guardians of the Galaxy. And, it goes without saying that he somehow Bruce Banner escapes and makes it down to Earth, and thanks to Mark Ruffalo, we now know the important role that the character will play in the story. 

While talking to ComingSoon, Ruffalo explains:

"Banner’s had a life changing experience in Thor: Ragnarok that makes him much more expressive and not so internalized. So it’s not combative but (The Avengers) are not so in-sync as they were… Plus, Banner doesn’t understand Civil War. He just doesn’t get it.”

Once Banner is back it's a priority to warn everyone of Thanos' impending arrival and the threat he imposes. In the process, he learns about what happened in Civil War and this poses a problem. Ruffalo goes on to say:

"Once again I think [Hulk is] trying to find his place in the line-up. He's having some difficulties integrating with the rest of the group, but he's also privy to some information that is essential for their survival. ... Banner knows probably more about Thanos than probably anybody, and he's really trying to impress on everybody how dangerous he is.
"It's a little bit of a Chicken Little [scenario]. He comes in screaming bloody murder... He's seen what damage [Thanos] can cause, and how powerful he is, and the entire group is in disarray, so he's also getting caught up on what's happened here and is trying to get them to transcend their differences and impress upon them how much danger they're actually facing.

He also adds that "The Hulk is also mightily impressed by Thanos" and that the only way to stop him is for the Avengers to unite and come to terms with their differences:

"There’s no way to overcome what they’re facing without in some way coming to terms with their differences and embracing their diversity. That’s essentially a core value of the film and that together, only together, can they triumph."

Of course, the return of Bruce Banner means that there is going to be a reunion with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, and you can bet that will be explored a little more. The actor teases:

"They’re star-crossed lovers. So it’ll be something they’re dealing with for the rest of their living days I think. Whether it’s requited or unrequited, I don’t imagine that’s gonna go away any time soon in one iteration or another."

I'm not sure how much help The Hulk will be against the Mad Titan Thanos, but maybe we'll see him get a couple of punches in. I just can't wait to see how this story plays out!

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters on April 27th.

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