Mark Ruffalo Shoots Down PLANET HULK Movie Rumors

One day Marvel and Mark Ruffalo are going to team up for a new stand alone Hulk movie. It doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon, but it will eventually happen. The big question is, what Hulk story will they tell? There's been a lot of talk and rumors surrounding a Planet Hulk movie, and I know for a fact that Marvel has discussed the possibility of it. 

In a recent interview with MTV though, Ruffalo shot down the idea of a Planet Hulk movie, saying he doesn't think it's the way to go. This is what he had to say:

“They launch Bruce Banner into space to try to get rid of him and the Hulk. He ends up freaking out, smashing up the spaceship, and it goes off course and ends up on this planet of gladiator creatures. He falls in love, has a Hulk baby … and then the Avengers nuke the planet.

“I don’t think ['Planet Hulk'] is the way to go yet. I think you need more Banner. The whole thing is just him as Hulk, on a planet, fighting other gladiators.”

It's such a great story though, one that has more to it than Hulk just fighting other gladiators. I personally think that Planet Hulk is the right way to go. Maybe it won't be the story to tell for his next solo movie, but it's one that eventually needs to happen. 

Plus, Ruffalo may not like the idea of a Planet Hulk movie yet, but that doesn't mean Marvel isn't excited about the idea. 

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