Mark Ruffalo Teases Hulk and Thanos' First Encounter and Says it Will Have Major Ramifications

One of the most anticipated moments from Avengers: Infinity War is when we see Hulk face off with Thanos. We all know that it's going to happen at some point in the movie and when it does, according to Mark Ruffalo, it's going to have major ramifications. 

During a recent interview with Screen Rant, Ruffalo teased Hulk's first encounter with Thanos. Don't worry, though, he's very careful not to spoil anything, but he does say some things that will cause fans to speculate what could happen.

"Well, uh, that’s, that’s tricky. It definitely has ramifications. He’s definitely, he’s never met, uh, another opponent quite like that and um, uh, their first encounter sort of a propels what will be, you know, the rest of these next two movies. So, um, and then what ends up happening between Bruce and The Hulk."

I assume the two characters will encounter each other for the first time on the Asgardian refugee ship, which is where we last saw Banner/Hulk. I'm sure you all remember the post-credits scene in the film.

We know that Hulk is strong, but Thanos is much stronger, especially with the Infinity Gauntlet. But what could that mean for Bruce Banner and The Hulk? Things are obviously going to be a lot more complicated than seeing the two of them smash the hell out of each other, but I'm sure that will be part of it!

Kevin Feige already said that Thor: Ragnarok was the first of a three-part story arc for The Hulk that will play out over the course of these next two Avengers films. A lot of fans speculate that this will eventually lead to the separation of Banner and Hulk like in the comic books. Maybe Thanos will play a big part in making that happen in Infinity War with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet.

We'll find out in a few days when the movie is released!

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