Mark Ruffalo Thinks Hulk Will Fight Thor in THOR: RAGNAROK

A couple of days ago, Mark Ruffalo said that he'd like to see Hulk and Bruce Banner appear in a scene together in Thor: Ragnarok. Now in an interview with New York Daily News, he says that he thinks Thor and Hulk will fight, which really wouldn't be that surprising. In fact, I'm expecting to see an epic battle between these two characters! He also said that he thinks the movie will be a buddy picture:

"I don't really know that much about it, but I think it's going to be a buddy picture with Thor and Bruce Banner. I think they'll probably fight. There's no doubt, everyone wants us to fight at one point."

Hell yeah, we want to see them fight in this film! It's something that we've seen in the comics, in the animated film Hulk Vs. Thor, and they even fought briefly in the first Avengers film. It only makes sense that a fight would happen between them in the cosmic realm. When pressed for more information, all Ruffalo would say is:

"I know that it's about (the Norse legends of) 'Ragnarok,' or the end times in the Marvel universe as it pertains to Thor -- which seems to be quite the theme these days in movies"

Thor: Ragnarok is being written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, who are the same writers of the animated feature Hulk vs. Thor, and I think we'll see some of that story implemented into the live-action movie. Taika Waititi is set to direct the movie, and it's scheduled to release in theaters on November 3rd, 2017. For more news about this movie, click here.

Imagine this in live-action:

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