Mark Strong Goes To Mars in APPROACHING THE UNKNOWN Trailer

Did you know that Mark Strong is starring in a new sci-fi movie called Approaching The Unknown? I'd never heard of the project until I saw this trailer, and it sounds like I'm not the only one. But it looks like a relatively small movie, so I suppose it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend more money on marketing than they did making the film. Either way, it's one of those "astronaut goes on a mission and loneliness might cause him to go crazy" stories, and Strong is always a compelling screen presence, so I'm definitely intrigued.

I obviously haven't seen the movie yet, but I feel like the trailer might give away just a little too much near the end, so I'd recommend maybe tuning in until you decide whether it's something you'd be interested in watching, and then cut out at that point so you don't accidentally ruin anything for yourself.

Approaching The Unknown hits theaters and iTunes on June 3rd.


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