MARS Games Bring the Lightgun to the Modern World

I remember loving Duck Hunt on the NES. It was such a simple game yet hard and I got to play with a fun gun peripheral called a lightgun. Well, with CRT TVs dying out and people switching over to nicer flatscreen LED, Plasma, LCD, etc. TVs, lightguns don’t work much to the chagrin of many gamers. Well, a new series of games called MARS is being released for the Xbox One and they’re bringing the lightgun back. Using a Lightcon (their name for a lightgun) and an IR station, gamers will be able to play one of three games with up to three of their friends. The games available for MARS are Big Buck Hunter: Arcade, Qubits Quest, and Voyage of the Dead.

  • With Big Buck Hunter: Arcade, there's no need to wake up at the crack of dawn or climb through the marsh and woods. MARS is bringing the #1 hunting arcade experience right to your living room as you track down wild game in Whitetail, Moose, and Elk adventures.

  • Built just for MARS, Qubit’s Quest is an action platformer for up to 4-players of all ages who are on a mission to protect a loyal and very cute robotic canine, Qubit. Play a co-op adventure campaign or compete with other players in ten fast-paced minigames!

  • In Voyage of the Dead, another MARS exclusive, up to 4-players find themselves aboard a cruise ship overrun by a zombie outbreak. With a quirky art style and campy humor, you’ll laugh as you fight against a horde of undead menaces to protect passengers and escape the chaos.

MARS is being developed by PDP whose SVP of Marketing, John Moore, released a statement stating:

The core idea for MARS came from our technology team, who are passionate about creating full living room scale, arcade-style experiences. MARS brings together gamers of all skill levels, launching with the well-known Buck Hunter franchise plus two brand new games with single and co-op gameplay – and more titles are on the way.

So now the real question. How much is it going to cost to play with a lightgun on my nice TV? Well, each game will be available as a MARS Starter Pack bundle which will include your game of choice, a Lightcon, and an IR Station for the price of $100. The great thing is that if you pre-order through Amazon, GameStop, Microsoft, or PDP then you’ll get an additional lightcon for free. The games will be sold separately for $20 and each additional Lightcon has an MSRP of $30. That means that if you pre-order a bundle and want four Lightcon, you’re going to be dropping about $160. If you want all three games as well, you’re looking at $200.

Are you interested in playing with a lightgun again?

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