Marvel Characters Will Die and The Russo Bros. Were Given a List of Who They Were Allowed to Kill

I know that a lot of Marvel fans assume that we are going to see some of our favorite Marvel heroes die over the course of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4. It's going to happen. The big question is... what characters in the MCU are going to bite the dust, and what characters will live to fight another day after the epic grand finale?

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo are in no way involved with what happens in the MCU after Avengers 4. As of right now, finishing this overreaching story arc is the only thing that they are focused on. During an interview with Vanity Fair, Anthony Russo said that they are "not participating in any thought whatsoever about what happens after these movies".

However, they do have a say in who lives in and who dies. When talking about the character's deaths, they reveal that they were given a list of characters that they are allowed to kill. 

"So we know who we’re allowed to kill, and that’s about it. I don’t even think Marvel had any ideas about where they would go after [3 and 4]. It’s not an end for all of these characters; it’s an end for some of these characters. So some of these characters will go on. So it’s more complicated, that’s why it’s not a clean ending."

It's sad to think that there are some characters who we will never see in the MCU again. My money is on Captain America and Iron Man dying in a blaze of glory together as they fight alongside each other to save the universe. That would make the biggest impact.

Since we know that there will be a Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel and a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, I believe the characters involved with these films are safe. James Gunn goes on to talk about killing off characters and says he believes Marvel needs to bring a permanent end to some heroes to prove that there are real stakes in this world they've created.

"I think part of that is also the natural evolution of the series. You can’t keep making movies that are too similar. You can’t make the same movie over and over again. If Marvel is going to survive, they have to start making movies with characters who are a little different. They have to start allowing characters to die. They have to start having stakes really mean something if they want people to stay interested." 

I wholeheartedly agree with that statement and it looks like Marvel is finally going to really start raising the stakes in the MCU.

What characters do you think are going to die by the time Avengers 4 is over?

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