Marvel Developing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Animated Series?

It's going to be really interesting to see how James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy turns out and how audiences react to these new and different Marvel characters. It looks like the studio is going to take them beyond the movie though, as they seem to be planning an animated series as well! 

The news comes from CBM, who says that a well placed source has confirmed to them that Marvel does "indeed have plans for a new animated series focusing on the Guardians Of The Galaxy."  They go on to explain that the studio was "undecided on whether to go with GOTG or yet another Spider-Man cartoon, and although the latter may also happen, it seems they've settled on the Guardians for now."

As of right now there is no official information on what is going on, but it makes sense that they would develop a series based on the upcoming movie. The only thing about Marvel animation is that all the other shows they have out right now aren't really very good. They are all kind of cheap looking. After they cancelled Earth's Mightiest Heroes everything kind of went down the crapper. I don't know if that was Disney's hand, Jeph Loeb's or both, but after the big changes, the quality in the work just dropped. Maybe they'll put a little more effort into Guardians of the Galaxy

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