Marvel Fan Watches AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR 43 Times in Theaters and Gets Invited to The AVENGERS 4 Premiere

Twitter user Nem: The Infinity Watcher is one hell of a loyal Marvel fan! Since Avengers: Infinity War opened in theaters 43 days ago, he has seen the movie 43 times! He's been posting all about it on Twitter since May and you can read through his entire thread in the embed below. He shows himself standing in front of the movie poster and shows his ticket stub collection to prove that he's legit.

It's not cheap to go to the movies and he's not using MoviePass. He's just a hardcore Marvel fan showing love for what he's passionate about and I love him for it! Of course, he's been met with some cynical reactions from people, but this is his thoughtful response to those people:

"When you're passionate about something, money shouldn't be the driving factor on whether you do it or not. My advice; you get one life, do what makes you happy."

And watching Infinity War makes him happy! I understand that the guy can be doing so much more with his time, but if this is what he wants out of life, let him have his fun! He seems like a pretty cool, down to earth dude! I'd go to the movie with him!

This whole thing also led to IMAX getting in touch with him, and as a reward gave him fifty free tickets. He was also invited to the premiere of Avengers 4 by the Russo Bros! So, in the end, it all worked out for him in unexpected ways. Here's how all of that played out:

Ya gotta love passionate fans! 

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