Marvel Fans are Petitioning for IMAX Sequences on Home Releases

While hyping up Avengers: Infinity War, one of the big things was that this film would be the first Hollywood film to be shot exclusively on IMAX cameras. This meant that you would get an incredible experience if you saw the movie at an IMAX theater. This has drawn praise from self-proclaimed videophiles who appreciate all the work put into the movie and the differences that the IMAX experience gives when taken advantage of. Sadly, in the past, when movies have IMAX sequences, they are cropped to fit the rest of the film during the home releases. This means that you watch your film in your home theater and there’s no trace of that IMAX experience anywhere. Some fans want that to change, especially since the whole film was done using IMAX cameras.

A man by the name of Nathan Lanier started a petition a couple weeks ago on asking Marvel to include the IMAX resolution version more available. In the past, it was included in the 3D Blu-ray releases of some films, but those are becoming more rare as the 3D trend is dying. The petition mentions that it would be great even if it’s only available on the UHD Blu-ray release. Here’s the TLDR of the petition and you can sign it as well if you’d like to get the IMAX experience at home (or come closer to it).

TLDR: IMAX sequences on the home releases of Marvel Studios movies (and Disney films in general) are being cropped to 2.39:1 on all formats except for Blu-ray 3D which is getting harder to come by. It would be proffered to have the option between aspect ratios.

Who does this affect: Videophiles, average consumers.

Why should you care: You are not even getting close to the full picture of what was originally intended. When scenes are presented in their original aspect ratio or one close to the original as possible, you get more picture and also have a more authentic feeling when watching films at home.
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