Marvel Has Added an Adorable Wolverine Bear to Its Build-a-Bear Collection

Do you love Build-a-Bear? My kids do. The excitement is palpable and at an all-time high when we just walk by the place in the mall, but when they get a gift card for the store on Christmas or a birthday, they lose their ever-loving minds.

Each of my children is highly opinionated, like me, and incredibly decisive, the opposite of me, and they strut in there and make a straight path to the bear, animal, or character they have had their eye on and go to work filling it with fluff and possibly a song or voice or annoying sound, depending on the amount on their gift card, or if I’m feeling like it’s more cute than annoying. The place is like miniature Disneyland, and my kids revel in the new fun types of characters the store partners with to create.

The latest in the Marvel partnership has brought us a wee little Wolverine bear that is so freaking adorable. Most recently before this, they also put out a Deadpool bear. I’m not so sure that children are flocking to these more adult focused characters, but who knows, and they’re super cute, so whatever.

The online exclusive is $35, so get yours here while they last, and let us know if you’d love a Wolverine Build-a-Bear for yourself!

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