Marvel Has Considered Making BLACK WIDOW an R-Rated Film

Well, here’s an interesting report that has surfaced regarding Scarlett Johansson’s long awaited Black Widow solo film.

According to The Hashtag Show scooper Charles Murphy, Marvel Studios was considering developing it as an R-rated film. They reportedly had discussions about this.

We don’t know what they ultimately settled on, but it looks like there’s a chance that Black Widow could end up being rated R. This is what Murphy ended up posting on Twitter:

Both Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Disney CEO Bob Iger have said that R-rated Marvel films are a possibility. A lot of these conversations were taking place when we learned that Disney and Marvel would be getting the rights to Deadpool back.

When previously talking about this, Iger said that Fox signals “an opportunity for a Marvel-R brand for something like Deadpool. As long as we let the audiences know what’s coming, we think we can manage that fine.”

I think it would pretty awesome to see a hardcore R-rated Black Widow movie. It’s not hard to imagine it as an R-rated film because the the dark subject matter of Black Widow’s world. But who knows what will ultimately happen. I’ll be surprised if they go that route.

Black Widow is bro g directed by Cate Shortland (Lore, Berlin Syndrome) from a script written by Jac Shaeffer (Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, The Hustle). 

The story is rumored to be set in 2006, which is a couple years prior to the events of Iron Man. The characters Ref Guardian and Taskmaster are also rumored to be a part of the story 

The movie is expected to be released at some point in 2020. 

What are your thought on Black Widow possibly being rated R? Would you like to see that happen?

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