Marvel Has Responded to NASA's Post About AVENGERS: ENDGAME

The response to the trailer for Avengers: Endgame has been incredible. It crushed records for most watched video on YouTube in 24 hours. Also, ever since the release of the trailer, fans have been scouring through to look for Easter eggs and hints as to what we’ll see in the fourth Avengers film, and it’s led to a decent helping of fun.

One fun moment was when fans were petitioning for NASA to help in recovering Tony Stark from space. Well, NASA sent a tweet to Marvel about such an endeavor and Marvel has responded in kind.

It’s fun in my opinion when things like this happen. I will say though that I personally believe the parts of Tony being in space alone are fake footage. We know that plenty of fake footage was filmed, and we know that Marvel has included fake footage in trailers for other films.

Are you glad that NASA is wanting to scan the skies for any sign of Tony?

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