Marvel Is Being Sued for Allegedly Stealing the '90s X-MEN Animated Series Theme Song

For those of you who grew up watching the classic X-Men animated series in the ‘90s, that awesome opening theme song is burned into your brain. Well, all these years later, someone has decided to sue Marvel for allegedly stealing that song.

The lawsuit was filed by Zoltan Krisko, and he has also filed suit against Disney, FOX, Apple, Amazon, and other media companies connected to the X-Men animated series. The suit claims that the classic theme song was stolen from an older television show, a Hungarian police comedy/thriller called Linda, which had a good run from 1984 to 1991.

Krisko believes the creative team and executives who worked on developing X-Men would have heard the Linda theme song while they were networking with members of the Hungarian film industry during the 1980s.

Krisko goes on to claim that he never heard the X-Men theme song until 2017, which is why it took him so long to file the suit. Now he wants a cut of the profits because he feels the song played a major role in the success of the series.

I’ve included the X-Men theme song below along with the theme song from the series Linda so you can compare the two. As you’ll hear, you can’t deny the similarities.

The music for X-Men was created by composer Ron Wasserman, who also composed the music for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. When previously talking to Marvel (via SyFy) about the process of creating the theme, he said:

“Now, it’s been a long time and I could be completely wrong and maybe the theme was written first. But the process was, I think, just watching the cuts and coming up with that tempo so I have a basic clip track, and then start writing the theme from there that just moved with their cuts and with the excitement that I was seeing. It feels like that was always scored to picture. I think I scored it to picture as opposed to the editor editing it to the music. I can’t quite remember.”

Listen to the both the themes below and tell us what you think:

Source: TMZ

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