Marvel is Considering Introducing Deadpool Into The MCU in The Next Spider-Man Film


An interesting new rumor has surfaced regarding Deadpool’s introduction to the MCU that I think fans are going to flip over. I know that I hope this rumor is true!

The news comes from MCU Cosmic and who they say is their “most reliable source” who has “delivered 100%” for them in the past.

The report says that Marvel is currently looking at a few different options to introduce Deadpool into the MCU and those things include:

  • A new solo film, such as Deadpool 3.

  • A Disney+ limited series.

  • Guest-starring in Spider-Man 3.

Personally, I would absolutely love to see Deadpool show up in Spider-Man 3! That would be such a fun way to introduce the character and then from there they can do a third solo film or a limited series. Either one of those would be fine as long as Ryan Reynolds and the original Deadpool writing team get to keep doing what they want.

The thing about the Disney+ series is that it would have to be more of a PG-13 friendly series. But, if they go the Hulu route for the series, then they could get into the dark territory. Whatever they end up doing with the character in his solo projects, they need to keep doing what they’ve been doing and both Disney CEO Bob Iger and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige have said they wouldn’t change that.

I would just love to see Deadpool and Spider-Man embark on a crazy adventure together in a film! That’s the option that I’m most excited about. What about you?

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