Marvel is Developing a "Jessica Jones-esque" Superhero Series For ABC

TV MarvelABC by Joey Paur

We all know that Marvel is looking to be more diverse with the projects that they develop. One of those things they are looking to do is focus on female characters. It was revealed today by Marvel Television SVP of Original Programming, Karim Zreik, that the company is "for sure" looking to develop "more female-skewed shows". 

She went on to tease one of these female led shows that they are currently developing. She doesn't give a name, but she does say that it is a "Jessica Jones-esque" project. That leads me to believe that whatever they are doing will be a gritty, hard-edged series.

There are lots of hardcore female characters like that in the Marvel Universe. A few of the first names to pop in my head are Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman, Singularity, and She-Hulk. These are all pretty badass Marvel characters that could have great series, built around them. A She-Hulk series would be pretty rad! I also wish they would bring back Agent Carter!

She goes on to explain that everything starts with the character, saying:

“If you don’t have a character the audience will relate to, you don’t have a show. There are no super powers without a character.”

Taking that into consideration, who are some badass female characters in the Marvel universe that you would like to see get their own series? 

Source: Deadline

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