Marvel is Launching a Scripted WOLVERINE Podcast With Richard Armitage as Logan

 Marvel has announced that they are launching a new scripted murder mystery podcast called Wolverine: The Long Night and Wolverine will be played by The Hobbit’s Richard Armitage. The series is being scripted by podcast writer Ben Percy and it's described as a blend of programs such as SerialS-Town, True Detective, and Unforgiven. Percy explains:

“If you look at the success of Serial and S-Town, it has everything to do I think with their investigative formats, the way the listeners become complicit in the narrative. They’re co-authors, they’re literary detectives, because they’re piecing together the clues alongside the reporters, and I wanted to take a similar approach to that.”

As far as the story goes, it will follow two agents, "Sally Pierce (Celia Keenan-Bolger) and Tad Marshall (Ato Essandoh), who arrive in the fictional town of Burns, Alaska, to investigate a series of murders. The duo team up with deputy Bobby Reid (Andrew Keenan-Bolger) to investigate their main suspect, Logan (Armitage), but that's just the tip of the iceberg." Percy goes on to say:

"There are all these broken pieces that are being fitted together, and a shifting set of suspects, and every episode, you learn more and at the same time, recognize that you've been mistaken all along. It functions like a turnstile of mysteries."
“I’m also drawing from the Native legends in the area and from cultish mythology. There is a compound set up outside of the town of Burns, Alaska, where the Aurora cult is located. And it’s unclear at first whether they are implicated in the murders that are occurring here and whether they might have powers, as they purport to — a connection to and a control over the fabric of light that plays over the winter skies.”

The podcast series also stars Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Bob Balaban (Moonrise Kingdom), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Mr. Robot), and Chris Gethard (Don’t Think Twice).

This is actually a really cool concept and I'm excited to see how it turns out. I love this kind of stuff! If it's a success, it could also end up launching a whole Marvel Podcast Universe, which would be pretty rad. Percy explains:

“We have a fun opportunity here, and that’s to create our own continuity. A continuity that will grow more and more expansive as the Marvel Podcast Universe expands. There are glimmers that people will recognize, references to Weapon X and wartime Logan, Japan and past relationships that he’s had. But he himself is not able to really work through his moth-eaten memory until the conclusion of this first season.”

The 10-episode Wolverine: The Long Night podcast series will launch on Stitcher Premium in the spring of 2018. I hope this all work out, I'd love to see Marvel start pumping out podcasts like this! I'm surprised they haven't done this yet! 

What do you think about Marvel starting this scripted Podcast series? 

Source: Mashable

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