Marvel Makes a Surprisingly Chic CAPTAIN MARVEL Purse

I know a majority of our readership could give a shit less about purses (cuz you're like 80% dudes), but can we at least take a minute to appreciate what Marvel has done here? It is NOT easy to make a fashionable geek accessory without making it look childish, and they killed it with this purse designed in the style of Captain Marvel! Could you imagine purchasing a leather Hulk or Wolverine wallet and not getting odd glances from the people around you when you whip it out? I rest my case.

Sure, this purse isn't exactly couture, but it's leaps and bounds classier than your typical geek accessory. Definitely worth the $59.99 ThinkGeek is charging for it right now! See more pictures, and maybe pick it up for a loved one right here.

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