Marvel Planted Rumors For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR To Cover Up The Death of a Character


Over the years, I've been convinced that Marvel has planted certain rumors to throw fans off the scent of what is really being planned for the films they are developing. Well, it's been confirmed! They went ahead and pretty much planted a rumor for Avengers: Infinity War to cover up a character's death in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. James Gunn talks about how it all went down on Twitter when he was asked if the character would show up in Infinity War. If you haven't seen Guardians Vol. 2 yet, don't read ahead:

If you've seen the movie then you know that Michael Rooker's Yondu dies saving Star-Lord at the end of the movie. Before Guardians 2 came out Rooker showed up on the set of Avengers: Infinity War and all of a sudden the internet went crazy about Yondu being in the movie. 

Then That Hashtag Show recently reported that Rooker would be back for Infinity War even though he clearly died. They shared a casting notice that was posted on the Worldwide Entertainment Network looking for a Michael Rooker stand-in, specifically naming Yondu to work on Avengers: Infinity War from May 29th until the end of June.

That was followed by a tweet from Gunn saying "False" with a link to the report. The director then went on to reveal that Marvel brought Rooker to the set of Avengers: Infinity War to trick people. He explained: “No we did it because word was getting out he wasn’t in the movie."

So basically Marvel wanted us all to believe that Yondu would be in Infinity War so we didn't think he was going to die in Guardians Vol. 2. So now when there's a big Marvel movie rumor, there's a chance that it could've been planted by the Marvel movie team!

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