Marvel Releases Art for “All-New, All-Different” Marvel Universe

Marvel has pulled back some of the curtain on their post-Secret Wars plans. We have two pieces of art (above and below) featuring the characters who will lead the fresh new Marvel comics universe. This fall Marvel will reboot all of their comic books, and they will revert back to No. 1s. They will introduce some new characters as well as feature altered versions of others. Even though they are calling it a reboot, Marvel’s continuity will remain intact. 

As you can see in the art, several of the characters are sporting new looks and team-ups. There’s a new Spider-Man joining the action alongside Peter Parker, as well as Spider-Gwen. There’s also going to be a new Hulk, X-23 is the new Wolverine, and Old Man Logan is… well, the old Wolverine. The Thing from Fantastic Four made it through, and it looks like he’s joined up with the Guardians of the Galaxy based on his costume. Daredevil is rocking a new mostly black costume, and Doctor Strange is carrying a battle axe! 

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso told Mashable,

"We've been planning it for years. We realized that ['Secret Wars'] would be a game-changing moment that would allow us to create a big white canvas. It’s an unprecedented chance for us to tell new stories across all titles with new No. 1s."

David Gabriel, Marvel's senior vice president for sales and marketing had this to say to USA Today,

"The real beauty of that is if you're one of these fans who've been around for many years, it's a great, exciting mystery. And if you're these new fans who maybe only jumped in this year when you saw the Avengers movie, you'll be able to pick up any of these comics and you will not need to know 50 years of backstory of anybody."

There are so many changes coming, but it seems like things are going to get a lot simpler. There are going to be 55 to 60 new comics in all, and they will all introduce new storylines. A lot of the changes we see are going to significant and shocking to fans, like the new Hulk. In regards to that, Alfonso said,

“The all-new Hulk ... this character is certain to cause debate. The same people who went crazy with female Thor will have a field day with this one."

It’s going to be really interesting to see how this all turns out. We’ll find out soon enough.

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