Marvel Studios Will Reportedly Show a Trailer For BLACK WIDOW at Comic-Con Next Week

Marvel Studio is going to have a 90-minute presentation at San Diego Comic-Con next week! It’s sure to be the biggest and most exciting event at the con!

We know that Marvel plans on revealing their slate of Phase 4 films, which is going to be filled with a few films we already know about, along with some announcements that are going to surprise fans! An executive from Marvel also confirmed to Variety that the studio will, “of course bring out the stars of its next phase, and that’ll be a moment for it, but you’re also using a presentation in Hall H to break a new piece of content.”

He then goes on to tease that a trailer is currently being cut for Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow solo film! We know the film has been shooting the past few weeks, but it sounds like they are going to have some footage to show off for it! The executive said:

“Getting something ready, like footage or a trailer for ‘Black Widow,’ means a VFX acceleration. If it’s up to two or three minutes, that can run you a million bucks.”

So we might have a trailer for Black Widow to look forward to! That’s awesome! I also can’t help but hope that Marvel surprises fans with footage from another film that they’ve been shooting. It would be simply incredible if they were able to pull something off like that! This is just my Comic-Con wish. It would be a crazy long shot if it turns out the be true! But, something like that would just blow everyone away!

In the past, Marvel has also showed off some concept art and computer graphics tests to show what their vision is for certain films. I’m sure we’ll see some stuff like that as well.

What are you hoping to see at Marvel’s big presentation at Comic-Con this year?

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